The Firm was founded in 2011 by Jeff Isaacs and Jerry Friedberg, former Assistant U.S. Attorneys who collectively have over 60 years of civil and criminal litigation experience. Their individual practices in both the public and private sectors have garnered numerous commendations, awards and recognitions for outstanding courtroom advocacy and litigation success. Since its founding, the Firm has built its reputation and client base by achieving outstanding results in a broad array of cases, and expanded its ranks by attracting exceptionally well-qualified, talented and hard-working attorneys.

The Firm has the capacity to litigate and try complex cases usually relegated to much larger firms and has successfully opposed (as well as worked closely with) many of the largest and most prestigious law firms in California. Moreover, it can do so with greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency because of its lean and mean approach. Always focused on the client’s objectives, the firm’s attorneys are creative and vigorous advocates.

The Firm represents a diverse client base, including domestic and international corporations; publicly-traded and privately-held companies; counties and municipalities; and labor unions, pension plans, healthcare providers, public officials, professional athletes, physicians, lawyers, accountants, broker-dealers, executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals.

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